December 6, 2007

Your opinion sought: What do pedestrians need?

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council has kicked off work on its Regional Pedestrian Plan. Make your voice heard! You can take a survey on important issues facing walkers, at

"The Plan will identify and recommend policies and practices to facilitate and encourage walking as a convenient, safe, and practical form of transportation throughout the 101 cities and towns of the MAPC region," according to the MAPC Web site.

Ah, so much to choose from! Inability to walk from my office to shopping a quarter-mile away because of lack of sidewalks and safe crosswalks. Inability to walk to a nearby building for meetings because sidewalks aren't cleared. Treating walking as some kind of optional hobby instead of an important mode of transit. Always designing for the needs of automobiles instead of balancing design for walkers, cyclists and motorists. time to click over and give them my point of view....

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