August 3, 2007

‘Children of the suburbs … want walkable communities’

Young professionals want "walkable, dense communities with brick buildings, trendy restaurants and no big-box stores, said Gene Krebs, state director of Greater Ohio, a Columbus-based organization dedicated to better land use in the state," Scripps Howard News Service reports.
"The children of the suburbs have rejected the suburbs," Krebs said. "They find the suburbs repellent and instead want walkable communities that have nice restaurants and soccer fields that are close by." . . . The only way suburbs are going to age well is if developers switch business models and ask young professionals what they want in a community.


  1. Sorry I don't buy it. And even if his statement is true I think it is only true until they have children. Then it seems most people want the lot with a yard to pt plastic playsets in and have access to better schools.

  2. I totally buy it. Research shows it. You are right that access to good schools is a major issue - but not a reason we should just throw in the towel to sprawl.

    I know Gene Krebs and he is a fantastic speaker. One interesting thing to note is that while Gene is a huge advocate for walkable communities, he served as a Republican in the Ohio legislature. He is a great example of why smart growth should not be a partisan issue. He also helped the new Democratic Governor Ted Strickland get elected because Strickland bought into his smart growth policies.