April 24, 2007

Update: A Vision for Garden in the Woods

I love Garden in the Woods, the botanical/wildflower garden and education center in north Framingham. It's a lovely natural oasis amidst a suburban neighborhood, but I can't help thinking about how it might be an even more appealing destination to stay at longer if there was a place to sit, eat, drink and relax. A little cafe could make it a place to spend more of the day before or after strolling/hiking through the garden, or attending programs/classes.

Update: Check out the comments! It seems that the Garden is rolling out some food service, with snacks, drinks and picnic tables. Great news! Thanks to Nicola Cataldo from the New England Wildflower Society for letting us know.

The botanical garden in Geneva, Switzerland has a lovely cafe where you can buy food and drinks -- including wine and beer, since Europeans don't have that hysterical puritanical streak we do when it comes to having a glass of wine with lunch. Of course, they also have a lot more public transportation, meaning everyone doesn't have to drive everywhere. It's probably unlikely that Garden in the Woods would ever get into the beer & wine serving business, which is too bad. But even a little place to sit out and have coffee, tea or soda and some prepared sandwiches would be a fun addition to time spent at the Garden.


  1. You have read our minds! This month at the Garden in the Woods we have launched a food service complete with delicious and healthful sandwiches, salads, cookies and brownies from Jennifer's Gourmet Catering in Framingham, plenty of cold drinks and juice boxes for the little ones. We even have fresh brewed coffee from Commonwealth Coffee Co.

    We have picnic tables as always, under our covered patio which was recently repaved by Hortus Landscaping.

    We look forward to seeing you all.

  2. Bravo!!! Love Garden in the Woods. Excellent stuff. How can I help?

  3. Dear Doris,

    There are a lot of volunteer opportunities at the garden, if you are interested. My son and I volunteer at the annual Plant Sale. You can call the garden at 508-877-7630 and ask for the volunteer office or look up the volunteer information at the website at www.newfs.org.

  4. Bravo!!! Love Garden in the Woods. Excellent stuff. How can I help?

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