April 11, 2007

The Framingham Art Gallery You May Not Know About (and Probably Haven’t Visited)

I heard there was some sort of art gallery at Framed in Time, the frame shop in one of the old mill buildings in Saxonville. But I never went in. I didn't know ... Was it part of the framing store? Did they expect you to have something you wanted framed if you went in to see the art? Well yes and no -- yes to the first question, no to the second. I met the gallery's curator, Olga Shmuylovich, last night, and she made it clear that the community is invited to come see the art exhibits there.

Tower Gallery at Framed in Time wans to help showcase the work of community artists, and bring together artists, people who enjoy viewing art, and the community at large. "Sonja and Jessica," featuring art by Sonja Holzwarth Maneri and her granddaughter opens Monday, April 16 and runs through Saturday, May 5. That's followed by the father and daughter show Alex Belozersky and Eugenia starting Saturday May 12 (there's a reception with the artist on May 19 from 4 to 6 pm).

I do plan on stopping in soon!

Speaking of art, Framingham's annual "Spring into Arts" festival kicks off Patriots Day, Monday, April 16 with the multicultural fair at town hall from 11 am to 2 pm.

Other highlights include award-winning students from Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory performing Israeli songs, Civil Leangue, April 23, 7 pm; Fountain Street & Tripp Street combined open studios, featuring more than 60 local artists, April 28-29 11 am to 5 pm, followed by Saxonville Open Studios May 5-6 noon to 5 pm; and the opening of Art Goes Wild at Garden in the Woods on May 19.


  1. I went to the ART GOES WILD exhibit and it is truly amazing-unlike anything else I've ever seen. If you like environmental works of artists like Christo, you'll love this show. And it's right in Framingham at Garden in the Woods. The views are quirky in some places, very beautiful in others, and all interesting. The flowers all seem to be popping out at once too. It smells wonderful right now-I think the azaleas are creating the fragrance.

    I became a member of tNew england wildflower so I could go back and see the art in different seasons without having to pay. Definitely worth a visit. This framed in time sounds good -I'll drop in when I'm at Garden in the Woods.

  2. I've seen just a little of it, but I hope to go see the whole exhibit soon.

    I'm really impressed with what they're doing at the Garden, and hope to do a post about it soon. I'm really happy they built a stage for outdoor concerts there!