February 8, 2007

Edgell Road Reconstruction in the Works

There's a proposal to widen Edgell Road, change or add traffic lights and other potential changes, according to a posting on a local e-mail group. The project raises serious issues about turning a two-lane roadway into a major north-south, high-speed traffic sewer. It also can impact one of the more attractive areas in town, the historic homes near Framingham Centre.

If anyone is planning changes around Edgell Road, it ought to be down in the Framingham Centre business district to make a more pedestrian-friendly streetscape. I'm guessing that's not on the plan. I'm guessing the plan is all about how to move more motor vehicles through more quickly, with little if any attention paid to people who might want to walk, or quality of life for those living on the road.

In any case, there's a public informational meeting on March 5 at the Hemenway School, 7 to 9 p.m., to discuss the project.

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