January 14, 2007

Northborough Committee Mulls Pedestrian-Friendly Zoning

A town subcommittee examining zoning regulations is considering changes that would favor a more walkable downtown, according to the Northborough-Southborough Villager.

"One way of making shopping areas easier for pedestrians to navigate is to move parking areas in back or to the side of buildings and have buildings close to the street," the article notes. "The idea of pedestrian friendly business areas came from a Community Development Plan done in Northborough a few years ago, said Rick Leif, chairman of the Planning Board and a member of the zoning subcommittee. He would like to see a move in that direction. Right now the town's business areas are dominated by Rte. 20, Leif said."

The point is to create a sense of place, one that would make a local business district more like a traditional New England small town "and less like a highway," Leif told the Villager.

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