January 25, 2007

Final Update on the Radio Interference: WBIX Calls At Last

I finally got a call today from an engineer at WBIX. So I'm happy to say they were responsive at last, if belatedly. The engineer was prepared to try to help me deal with the problem, but the more prompt and responsive folks at Verizon have already taken care of it for me. He said they've been running 40,000 watts at the same location for the past seven years and there's been no recent increase in power. So who knows why this suddenly became such a bad problem. He did say that the calls from people experiencing interference were supposed to go to him, not an endlessly ringing phone with no voicemail, and that he'd look into that.

Hopefully, this is my last post on the subject and I can go back to interesting community planning issues, such as the newly expanded Natick Mall, and what it means to the surrounding community (hope to comment on the Globe West story about town and mall later today or tomorrow).

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