November 12, 2006

Video Tour & Critique: Measuring Lowe’s Framingham on Pedestrian-Friendly Design

Be kind here, please. This is my first attempt at a vblog entry, I was using a pocket digital still camera with low resolution, no image stabilization and no ability to change zoom while videoing; someone volunteered to compress the file for me and the sound is really flakey; finally, if I wait until I figure out my video editing software to get this in better shape, it'll never get posted.


If you still want to see it, here's a video tour of around 7 minutes pointing out what I see as the drawbacks and pluses of the new Lowe's design for pedestrians. View the video (Windows Media format).


  1. Great video. It's quite amazing to see such lost opportunities. Putting a buffer between the sidewalk and the street would have been such a simple thing, yet it would have made such a dramatic difference. Clearly, pedestrian access is an afterthought in that area. It seems like the developers think a few pretty bricks and benches will make it better, but don't have the understanding or desire to give pedestrians a truly comfortable environment.

    Having visuals along with the blog posts are great. I think using video and photos could really help communicate and show existing conditions as well as examples of well-designed facilities. Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome post Sharon. The dead-ended path with a bench is actually insulting. No deep thought really went into pedestrian friendlyness here.