November 8, 2006

Deval Patrick’s Resounding Victory: A Vote for Community

Voters in Massachusetts have given our overwhelming support to a governor-elect who stresses sense of community and the need to care about each other's dreams and aspirations as well as our own. It's a message we've clearly been hungering for after the bitter, negative, partisan politics that Karl Rove and the Bush administration have brought to the national arena these past six years.

Deval Patrick has shown that it's possible to succeed without, as he so eloquently puts it, building himself up by tearing others down.

He resisted negative-sound-bite campaigning. He refused to try to pump up one slice of support by demonizing another. He was gracious, inclusive and inspiring in his victory speech - as he's been throughout the campaign. He talked about nurturing the "grass roots," about the importance of listening to people, and about putting our cynicism aside. And he talked about the need for citizens to actually make an effort and do work in order to have good government. Before he even takes office, Deval Patrick has changed our political landscape for the better by the tone he's set and the way he's conducted himself.

Leadership is more than a checklist of issues. It's also how you use your position to frame issues and conduct debate. It's whether and how you inspire people. I'm proud to have volunteered for Deval Patrick before the primary and again for the general election, and thrilled that Massachusetts voters gave him such a clear mandate. I'm looking forward to Governor Deval Patrick in January!


  1. I'm with you! I was excited to cast my vote for Patrick. The first time I've felt that way in a long time.


    Yes, nice that he was polite. Check out the honorable Deval Patrick's Master Plan for you...scroll all the way down the first page. Follow the links above to understand the assignment of transfer development credits that will allow the state of Massachusetts to force residents either to sell their land or develop it according to the new Suburbia, MA master plan. Go to your town meetings and speak up when they ask you to identify 'heritage sites' in your town, it's not for the reasons you think...This website clearly evidences that the Governor is implementing Agenda 21 & sustainable development. Are you willing to give up your property for 'redistribution'? The time is here.