September 10, 2006

Bicycle lockers coming to Framingham train station; bike-friendly LIFT buses on the way, too

New LIFT buses will be equipped with bicycle racks, so people who don't live near a bus stop could cycle to a stop, according to an article in today's MetroWest Daily News. Town planner Bryan Taberner also said that 10 bike lockers will be installed near the comuter rail station, which would allow people to cycle to the station.

Admittedly, there are many more automobile drivers than cyclists in the area; and tihs won't have an immediate impact on traffic woes. But factoring in bicyclists is smart planning, especially in a town where many areas are not quite densely populated enough to support truly convenient local mass transit, but are reasonably close to such areas.  We've got to start somewhere!

Aside: I'd still like to see express bus service to downtown Boston from the Logan Express or mall areas - ideally on a similar schedule to the airport bus, but any service would be better than nothing. The train simply isn't useful for most people off rush hour. And by the time some of us on the north side of town have driven downtown, we could be halfway to a T stop in Newton where there's MUCH more frequent service. 

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