August 11, 2006

Welcome Framingham Tab Readers

I was happy that this site was included in the Tab's report about local blogs, along with sites like This is Framingham - and even happier that my photograph wasn't the ones in the story :-) (I do wish they had clickable hot links to all the blogs the online version of the piece, Bloggers offer their likes, their dislikes, and they try to make it personal, though).

If you're new here, this blog focuses on many different issues relating to how to create better communities. While I'm especially interested in issues surrounding more walkable communities, I cover a lot of other things, ranging from how to better integrate ethnic minorities into Framingham's downtown to my love of outdoor cafes. Posts cover both local-specific and more general issues. If you're interested in local things only, you can look at a list of locally focused posts only at the Planning Livable Communities Local section.

I'd enjoy hearing from people, either in the comments area below or via the feedback form.

For those who use RSS feeds, you can subscribe to the feed at . If you use Bloglines to read blogs, you can add Planning Livable Communities to your Bloglines subscriptions. Likewise, if you use My Yahoo, you can add Planning Livable Community to your My Yahoo page.

If you don't use RSS feeds, not to worry. You can always see the latest posts at

Thanks for stopping by!

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