August 14, 2006

Area Towns Can Join New Regional Transit Groups

Framingham officials are "examining" new state transit rules that allow Boston-area communities to join regional transit groups in addition to the MBTA, the MetroWest Daily News reports, noting: Some officials and public transit advocates have long called for a MetroWest RTA."

"There’s definitely significant interest," Framingham Town Manager Julian Suso told the News. "Certainly Selectman John Stasik (who is also vice president of the MetroWest Growth Management Committee) has been working with great dedication on the RTA concept."

With the new condos coming into the Natick Mall, maybe it would finally be feasible to have convenient public transit options to and from the mall, such as between the mall and a commuter rail station. For that matter, it would be nice to see express bus service into Boston from the mall, running on a frequency schedule similar to the popular Logan Express during peak demand.

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