March 13, 2006

Questions I’d Like to Ask Planning Board Candidates

Here are the questions I'd love to ask candidates for the Framingham Planning Board. In fact, I'm going to try to send them out by e-mail and if necessary postal mail, and post any responses here.

What is your vision for downtown Framingham? What if any changes would you like to see implemented downtown?

What do you see as the most important planning issues facing the Rte. 9/30 Golden Triangle?

If you had the power to ask developers along the Golden Triangle to make changes in design, scale or use, what would you ask for?

What are your thoughts about business districts outside of downtown and Rte. 9, and what you would like to see happen in places like Nobscot and Saxonville?

Is it the Planning Board's place to be concerned about creating pedestrian-friendly streetscapes as well as dealing with vehicular traffic issues? If so, how successful to you believe Framingham has been in doing so?

Do you believe any changes are needed to better balance pedestrian and vehicular needs in town planning? Or are the motorized traffic problems so urgent in town that pedestrian needs must take a back seat?

Has Framingham been getting its fair share of planning-related state and federal grant money compared with surrounding communities? If not, what needs to take place for this to happen?

If you could make one change to Framingham's zoning bylaws, what would it be?

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