March 28, 2006

Lowes Takes Shape

It looks like the Lowes on Rte. 30 in Framingham is taking shape. I remain disappointed that the Planning Board didn't push to have the store up to the street in a pedestrian-friendly fashion. Right near the main post office, this could have actually encouraged some foot traffic between the two, instead of keeping to the typical suburban-sprawl pattern.

From what I can see, that looks like a pretty large building for the parcel it's on, and I'm not sure how the parking is going to work (although I do recall reading something about a parking garage and/or rooftop parking. I don't recall what the final vote sought). Looking at that small area of retail -- with Stop & Shop, the Target mall, BJs and now Lowes, it's a crying shame that they all couldn't have been placed up at the street in a pedestrian-friendly manner, with shared parking behind all the buildings. It would have dramatically improved the streetscape, encouraged more nearby office workers to walk there, and required less overall parking for all uses.


  1. When Shoppers World was built, the stores were surrounded by parking.
    Now, the parking is surrounded by stores. I liked the old way better.
    As to Route 30, it's the same old story, which is lack of imaginative
    thinking, on the part of the designers. When they draw pictures of a
    new store to present to the Planning Boards, they don't show the
    building in the context of it's surroundings.
    Same issue happens when redesigning or improving intersections. This likn will
    show you Lincoln Square in downtown Natick, which was undergoing
    improvements last year. First, the photo on how it should look with
    stylish traffic signals, and probably how the engineers pictured it
    looking. Second, shows reality, since nobody in Natick/Framingham
    had the creative thinking necessary to underground wires and cables
    while the Commonwealth still owned the road. Now that it's been done,
    it's too late, and the town's own the road.

  2. You'll need to scroll down the page on my link to see the
    photos I'm writing about. The rest of that discussion is
    related though, and I think of interest.

  3. Dave, have you tried the Natick Historical Society in South Natick for your goal to find a photo of the Cole School? They have many school photos.
    Have you found a photo of the old North Natick Hose House that was on North Maine St., across from the Dairy Queen? Bob Worthington,