February 12, 2006

New York City Street Renaissance

Here's a brilliant, common-sense and often-overlooked concept: "Streets are more than just car corridors; they are valuable civic spaces and resources that need to be wisely allocated."

Yes! The New York City Streets Renaissance Campaign says it's "building the movement to re-imagine our streets as lively public places" because "New York City's streets are the soul of its neighborhoods and the pathways to some of the world's most in-demand destinations. . . . If we continue planning our streets for cars and traffic we will get more cars and traffic; conversely, if we start planning our cities for people and places, we will get more people and places."

The campaign's Web site includes a gallery of images of NYC streets as they are now, and as they could be redesigned to be more pedestrian-friendly. These photos can give ideas to planners and citizens anywhere who are trying to build pedestrian-friendly, human-scaled design into local developments.

Thanks to Aaron Naparstek for the original link.

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