December 11, 2005

‘Designing the Village’

Thanks to reader Josh Ostroff for pointing out this interesting project in Westport, Mass.: Designing the Village, an effort to "to promote a sense of community and safe pedestrian access in Central Village." While tactics such as installing "street furniture" and public art along with improving sidewalks, pathways and street lighting to boost walkability, what intrigues me is the organization behind the effort: the Westport Arts Council.

Clearly, simply adding outdoor art and some benches is not enough to turn a pedestrian-hostile environment into a walker-appealing one (as Boston's City Hall Plaza makes amply clear). But it's cool that an organization focused on aesthetics is looking at the full package to create a better sense of place for those on foot.

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  1. Hello! I found your site when Universal Hub pointed to your "daytime population" chart.

    I live in Watertown, and one of the discussions that's come up recently is adopting a
    "Smart Growth" zoning district. This would meet density and mixed use targets laid down by the state,
    and the city would be eligible for transit-oriented development grants.

    I covered it a little here, and if there's more
    discussion on it I'll be posting additional stories on H2otown.