November 13, 2005

San Bernardino Plans Walker-Friendly, New Urbanist Development

"Between sprawling subdivisions, packed freeways and shops crowded into malls, the City of San Bernardino (Calif.) is planning a development that will combine homes, offices, shops and artists' studios in the same neighborhood, emphasizing walking instead of driving,"according to the Press-Enterprise.

"Times have changed," James Funk, the city's director of development services told the paper. "People want work flexibility. They want to work at home. They want to live near their work. They want to walk to shops."

Times have indeed changed, and an increasing number of people value walkable neighborhoods with a sense of place, instead of car-centric strip-mall corridors like Rte. 9. It's also why almost 9 in 10 people said pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods were very important to them, according to a Better Homes & Gardens survey -- more than said large rooms or a big yard. Alas, such changes haven't seemed to make their way to many local officials overseeing the Golden Triangle. But I digress....The San Bernardino mixed-use developments still need city approval. " Elsewhere in Southern California, whole cities have been organized around new-urbanist architectural ideas, including dense development, a mix of residential, commercial and office uses and walkable street plans that discourage driving within the community," the Press-Enterprise notes.

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