June 2, 2005

Major New Urbanist Project Planned In Nevada

The Henderson, Nevada City Council has OK'd a "1,900-acre master-planned community west of Sun City Anthem that will mark the region's entry into development reminiscent pre-World War II communities," the Las Vegas Sun reports.

"Focus will construct as many as 11,500 dwellings as part of the new urbanism concept of close-knit, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods interconnected with narrow streets and village squares. . . .

"When completed, it will be the second largest new urbanism project in the country behind 4,700 acres in Denver, according to John Ritter, the chief executive officer of Focus Property Group. Construction on the first model is expected to start by early 2006."

The ideas is to "take people out of their cars and help eliminate the long drive home from work and driving out of the way for a grocery store or day care center."

1 comment:

  1. I would like to know how many homes are being built at the Denver
    project and also what type of power source is powering them, whether
    it be nuclear, solar, ect. I my self am working for a company
    that is building a sustainable society in Loreto Mexico consisting
    of 6000 homes. We are looking for other developments simalar to
    ours, for comparison. Thanks