June 3, 2005

Adams Looks To Slow Traffic

Adams, Mass. officials are focusing on "practical matters, like reducing vehicle speeds and noise levels to make the area more pedestrian-friendly for residents and tourists," as they look to revitalize their downtown, according to the North Adams Transcript.

Consultants for the community's streetscape improvement project are recommending things like widening sidewalks and reducing width of some lanes of traffic, but not spending major sums of money for, say, the olde towne all-brick sidewalk look.

Residents at a public meeting on the plan agreed on the need to slow speeds at certain times, but also worried about traffic bottlenecks when delivery trucks came. Landscape architects David O'Connor suggested the town could limit deliveries on key roadways to certain time, and "added that the townspeople will have to decide whether they want to angle the town to make things easier for pedestrians or delivery trucks."

Good question. And, by the way, it's one that Framingham officials need to keep in mind as well as they balance the needs of commuters driving through the 126/135 intersection with the need to have a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly downtown.

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