April 17, 2005

California Suburb Transforming Its Downtown

Livermore, the Silicon Valley town that recently decided to narrow some of its roads to make a more pedestrian-friendly business district (see earlier post), "is among Bay Area cities, from Walnut Creek to Mountain View, pursuing downtown 'smart growth' housing as a lifestyle alternative," according to the Contra Costa Times. "In the new revitalized downtown envisioned by Livermore, there will eventually be 3,250 new high-density urban housing units along with new commercial, office and cultural arts projects -- all contributing towards a vital new urban area."

One resident who raised a family in a more rural residence on 2 acres decided to move to a new townhouse downtown because she "wanted to be able to put my car in the garage and not take it out every time I wanted to go somewhere."

New restaurants are starting to bring more foot traffic to Livermore's downtown. Residents moving in are excited about the potential for a lively, walkable business center with numerous attractions to enhance quality of life.

It seems they don't miss strip malls and acres of asphalt abutting their sidewalks at all.

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