March 27, 2005

Harvard Mass. To Move Ahead On Pedestrian/Bike Path

The Harvard, Mass. April 2 Town Meeting will be asked to approve a "no-cost, low-impact pedestrian and bicycle path [using] existing routes and rights of way," according to

But that modest proposal is "part of a larger, long-term goal to create a non-vehicle trail system that will link critical points around town, including the town center, Harvard Park and playing fields. ...

"Sketching a conceptual history, [Park and Rec Commissioner James] Lee pointed to other studies, including plans for the town center and open space plans that indicate interest in a pedestrian and bicycle path as more than a recreational option. Residents have said they want a way to walk, bike and get to key areas without cars. ...

"One of the overall goals of the plan is to allow kids, senior citizens and others to bicycle or walk directly to conservation lands rather than drive there in vehicles and 'walk in circles,' Lee said."

Yes, thank you! It's time the suburbs and exurbs start looking at ways for people to incorporate exercise back into our everyday lives, instead of driving in traffic to park at the gym and then run nowhere on a mechanized treadmill.

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