February 1, 2005

Why Clearing Sidewalks Is Imporant For Safety

"A baby was knocked from her stroller into the middle of the road and her mother was struck twice by an unidentified hit-and-run driver," the MetroWest Daily News reports. The women was forced to leave the sidewalk and go into the road, because she was pushing the stroller and encountered a large pile of snow on the sidewalk.

HELLO PEOPLE! Is the only public safety that matters for people who drive? Are we going to put into our town charters that residents are only entitled to public safety services while inside motorized vehicles? Why can't town officials understand that clearing sidewalks and making safe places to walk is just as imporant as clearing streets and making safe places to drive?

I walked with several colleagues at lunchtime again today on Rte. 30. The sidewalks are not cleared, and pedestrians must either try to climb up, over and down treacherous snow piles, or walk in the street with heavy traffic. Or, of course, stay in their cars.

Shame on us.

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