January 22, 2005

Why Arts Aren’t A Frill

Why am I so excited about the arrival of Amazing Things Arts Center in Saxonville? Because things like concerts and art shows are critical to creating a community where people want to be. It's another thing that gives a community its soul, that can help transform a few subdivisions and strip malls into a neighborhood with a sense of place.

Cool Town Studios talks about the importance of such amenities these days, if you want to attract creative, educated, talented young workers -- and more cutting-edge, entrepreneurial Baby Boomers -- who can be the sparkplug to a regional economy:

As we evolve from a service economy to an experience economy, entertainment and the arts become the unique selling point - from the dynamic (nightlife, music, recreation) to the everyday (residence, workplace).

Today's [creative people] expect more than a home and job, they want a neighborhood experience and a workplace performance. This 24-hour arts & entertainment experience (Experience A&E) in one's daily home and work life is the secret driving force behind what makes a CoolTown cool. Thus: Weave Experience A&E into the streets, buildings and public spaces, integrating it into the community’s routine.

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