January 20, 2005

Who Voted How On McAuliffe Branch Library Project

The vote by Town Meeting member is now up on the town Web site:

Vote on purchasing land for the library

Vote on funding construction of the library

You can also see a MetroWest Daily News article that interviewed a few members who voted yes on the land purchase but no on financing the building.

Hopefully supporters will be able to convince enough Town Meeting members next time. It would be really unfortunate to give up $1.6 million in state funds for this project, when a larger branch is sorely needed and the existing building will likely need substantial capital investment anyway at some point. If you shave 25% off the size of the building, you're not going to save 25% of the cost -- but you WILL lose the state money that pays for 25% of the project as is. I don't see how this is financially beneficial to the town.

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