January 6, 2005

Once-in-a-Generation Chance in Saxonville

It's not often that we have a chance to add a significant sense of place to an existing neighborhood of homes, stores and other businesses. But that's the exciting potential January 12 when Town Meeting votes on plans for a new branch library in Saxonville.

I outline my vision of what a new McAuliffe branch would bring to this area of Framingham in a MetroWest Daily News op-ed piece.

I would add here that, yes, I know that money's tight. But when is money "loose?" Decades ago, other taxpayers had the vision to invest in the future, and build a main library that generations could enjoy. Each generation owes a debt to those who went before us. We pay that forward by investing in improving our community for now and the future. Now it's our turn.

The library is all about bringing the magic of the printed word to us all, regardless of age or income. It is aptly named for Christa McAuliffe, who wanted to bring the magic of space to schoolchildren everywhere. I wouldn't have the courage to do what Christa McAuliffe did. But I can certainly pony up a few dollars a month to create a special place where people can go for books, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, research materials, programs and community activities.


  1. What good thinking! I hope that it will incorporate the existing food options in that plaza, not exclude them.

    This location also is close to the north end of the Cochituate Rail Trail, soon to open and not long after to link to commuter rail (and a main library) in downtown Natick. What improvements, if any, are wanted to encourage bicycle visits from there to this potentially very attractive library location?

  2. Good point! If the project is approved, we should make sure there's ample bicycle parking, for one.