December 8, 2004

Meanwhile, In Arizona….

...a business owner and chair of the Gilbert Redevelopment Commission, is urging her town to create a pedestrian-friendly streetscape. And Mary Ellen Fresquez understands that this means more than installing sidewalks.

"If you're walking downtown, we want to make sure that there are windows you can look into to see what is available down here," she told the Arizona Republic.

Gilbert Planning Director Jerry Swanson agreed, explaining: "You don't want pedestrians to have to walk very far before they get to the next shop or business or restaurant. ... The places that we all flock to like Sedona, in the old part, is not a place that you drive from one business to the other or have to walk a quarter of a mile to go to another door. ... It's the place where the next business is right next door to the first business - and it's a short trip."

Reminder: Rte 30/Rte. 9 is also a business district here in Framingham, not only downtown.

They get it in Gilbert. Why don't we?

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