November 14, 2004

Downtown Framingham Arcade Project Stalls

Framingham officials approved the mixed-use Arcade building project, aimed at helping revitalize downtown, more than half a year ago, yet it hasn't gone forward. Why? Because everyone has to wait for the state to finalize guidelines for a so-called TIF (tax incremental financing) deal, which offers a temporary tax break for such developments. There apparently aren't any TIF guidelines for a residential portion of mixed-used developments, the MetroWest Daily News reports.

Hello! Hello! Earth to Romney administration! The governor's top officials SAY they favor dense housing around transit stations as a way to encourage "smart growth." Well, here's a plan that adds housing near the train station ... and it's been waiting since March for the state to come up with some rules?

It's not enough to talk the talk on smart growth. You've got to walk the walk. Making a grand pronouncement on smart growth doesn't mean squat if your'e not paying attention to hammering out the details to make it happen, instead of simply making headlines.

Meanwhile, interest rates are rising and local officials fear that too many more delays might jeopardize the project entirely. &%^$#@.

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