October 10, 2004

‘Village’ Proposed Near Westborough T Station

"In a sharp departure from the typical subdivision of large lots, a developer wants to build a cluster of shops and condominiums near the Westborough commuter rail station," Boston Globe West Weekly reports. "The village-style development is designed to attract younger residents who cannot afford the price of an average home in the area and are seeking a more urban environment."

The development would include small restaurants and cafes as well as convenience stores. Residents would be able to do some shopping and dining there, as well as walk to public transportation into Boston or downtown Framingham.

There would be no detached, single-family housing in the village.

Town Meeting will be asked to rezone 100 acres of industrial property as a "smart-growth" zone to allow more dense development. 20% of the units would be affordable. In exchange, the developer would have to buy land somewhere in town to be used at open space.

Not surprisingly, some neighbors are complaining about the density, including concerns about traffic and expenses for educating new children in the village. Original plans for 350 units have been cut back to less than 300.

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