October 16, 2004

Just Plain Silly

Stone's Auto Service in Natick has removed its gas pumps, prompting Bulletin & TAB Columnist Maureen Sullivan to bemoan the difficulty buying gasoline downtown these days. There are now "only" two gasoline stations in "that part of town."

Maureen ... are you listening to yourself? It's "challenging" to buy gas now? If there are stations nearby that sell gas and don't have long lines, what's the problem? How spoiled have you become? How many gas stations do you need blanketing an area so it's enough? Four? Ten? Three on every corner?

"Whether it's a consequence of big oil or an effort to make downtown more pedestrian friendly, getting gas in downtown Natick just became a bit more challenging," she writes in Sullivan's travels: Natick is running out of gas.


Actually, there are strict environmental regulations governing underground gasoline storage tanks. That might make more of an impact on a business's decision to remove their tanks than "making downtown more pedestrian friendly." And anyway, keeping the service station's existing footprint, including all the asphalt, doesn't do all that much to help pedestrians, other than a reduction in the amount of cars going in and out over the sidewalk.

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