September 17, 2004

Will It Play In Peoria?

"A public technology magnet school, chic restaurants and shops along Main Street near Bradley University, neighborhoods revitalized with renovated homes, wide pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and technology companies offering employment are only a few of the many ideas Philadelphia-based consultant Richard Huffman offered for the Med-Tech District" of Peoria, the Journal Star reports .

"Bradley can begin to see Main Street as a part of its campus," Huffman said, according to the article; "but Main Street has to serve the neighborhoods as well. Now it does not."

That makes me think of Main Street in Framingham, right around the state college, just south of Framingham Centre. That stretch of Main Street doesn't have a connected feel to the campus; and it's certainly not a pedestrian-enticing area to serve the neighborhood. It's a great opportunity to develop some pedestrian-friendly retail for those living, working and studying nearby.

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