September 1, 2004

Planning Board Ponders Rte. 30 Lowe’s

The developers of the proposed new Lowe's store in Framingham (where the Verizon building now sits) claim that most of the traffic to their new store would be existing cars, not new trips, according to the MetroWest Daily News.

As a former member of Town Meeting's Standing Committee on Planning & Zoning, my analytical response to that woud be:


Are they kidding?

All you local Home Depot shoppers: How many of you stop in there while you're out and about shopping anyway, as opposed to going out there because you need something?

More importantly, even if that is true, the fact that the current design would make it unappealing and nearly impossible to walk there from anywhere else would add tons of turns in and out of the store, with an adverse affect on traffic. Let's listen to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee member who urged a multi-use path be built between that proposed store and Shoppers World, so people could park once and walk around to different area retail centers.

Note: I had an opinion piece in the News about this project recently.

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