September 19, 2004

$800M ‘Mini-City’ Planned For Ventura County, Calif.

"The $800-million RiverPark mini-city, the largest mixed-use project in Ventura County history, is set for official groundbreaking Tuesday with the dedication of a new elementary school and a fire station, and the unveiling of a smaller, redesigned business core," the Los Angeles Times reports.

When finished, the project is expected to include 7,500 residents and 1.2 million square feet of retail and commercial space.

"Taken together, developers have pledged well over $100 million in public benefits: three schools, a fire station, a county maintenance facility, a vital sewer extension into El Rio and a hiking trail along the Santa Clara River. They also plan to upgrade nearby roadways, convert three huge gravel pits into water recharge basins and build 392 affordable or low-income housing units."

Original plans for a traditional "Main Street" design have been changed "to a tonier shopping promenade," the paper notes.

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