August 11, 2004

For Livable Cities, Focus on the Basics

To create livable, appealing communities, planners need to worry about more than attracting the next major new office/residential/commercial development project, says this Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch editorial:

"For too long," the article wisely notes, "as Columbus boomed outward, city planners forgot that some people walk instead of drive. When thoroughfares such as Rt. 161 and Brice Road grew and bloomed with offices, stores and restaurants, the design was strictly for cars."

The basic yet too-often-ignored point: "Making cities more inviting isn’t only about the glamorous new high-rise or entertainment district. At the core, it’s often much more basic: safe, comfortable places to live, work and play.

"Columbus could make headway in this area by taking action on two unglamorous fronts: sidewalks and vacant buildings. The city needs more of the former and fewer of the latter."

How can you argue with that?

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