June 12, 2004

Paris May Ban SUVs

""We have no interest in having SUVs in the city. They're dangerous to others and take up too much space," Deputy Mayor Denis Baupin told Reuters this week.

Whatever one might say in support of SUVs (although nothing comes to *my* mind), it's hard to imagine how they do an older city center much good -- they generate more pollution, take up more scarce parking space and require wider street lanes -- something that make a less pleasing pedestrian environment.

"Baupin, who often cycles around Paris to promote more environmentally friendly transport, called SUVs a caricature of a car and said they were not adapted for use in a city," Reuters reports.

Update: Pedestrians hit by SUVs or light trucks are 3.7 times more likely to be killed, and have a three times higher risk of severe injuries, than those hit by passenger cars, according to a study in the June issue of Injury Prevention, KING in Seattle notes. That's of course in addition to the greater risk of injury and death to auto passengers hit by SUVs.

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