May 12, 2004

TM OK’s Temple Street Widening

Framingham Town Meeting approved a plan that will widen the oft-congested Rte. 9/Temple Street intersection.

"The project will widen Temple Street southbound by creating a lane for left turns," the MetroWest Daily News reports. "An extra lane will be added on the other side of the intersection. Also included are improved signals, new crosswalks and other amenities. "

One can just imagine how many pedestrians will be eager to cross this new, widened intersection, with 5 or 6 lanes of traffic and extremely unappealing sidewalks (no attractive buffer between sidewalk and moving traffic, a pedestrian-hostile streetscape designed solely for auto access and parking, etc.)

I actually conducted an experiment a few weeks ago, walking a couple of blocks up Rte. 9 by that intersection, toward the Super Stop & Shop. It was rather unpleasant. On a beautiful day, with a lot of apartments as well as houses around, I saw one other person on foot.

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