April 5, 2004

What Use Rooftop Gardens?

Amidst all the talk about mixed-use, apartments, hotel rooms, parking and traffic in the recently approved Arcade project for downtown Framingham (see story), one of the less-publicized features of the project will be rooftop gardens.

If you're not living, working or staying there, should you care what's growing atop the buildings? Oh, yes, says a blurb in the Atlanta Journal-Consitution (via the American Planning Association). Besides a pleasing space for those around them, rooftop gardens help cool down hot buildings in the summertime as well as improve air and water quality (plants that soak up water help prevent runoff).

Another article in the same paper notes that Atlanta has launched "a pilot program that the city hopes will improve urban air quality, assist with storm water management and in general improve the environment." This piece has some details about the 3,500-square-foot City Hall roof garden.

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