April 17, 2004

Saxonville Lumber?

While everyone's talking about revitalizing downtown Framingham, isn't it also time someone finally did something with the abandoned Saxonville Lumber property in the northeast section of town? That prime piece of real estate has been sitting unused for years now, except for the little shack nearby selling flowers and such (customers can park in the adjacent massive asphalt expanse).

About a year or so ago, I saw a group of serious-looking businessmen types walking the property, and was hopefully something might be in the works. But nothing since then.

Imagine a nice, small restaurant with river view, that could serve those coming and going from the start of the Cochituate Rail Trail. A small specialty grocer. Neighborhood-friendly housing, perhaps. Or tear down the buildings and turn it into a park. Get rid of the parking area and concrete barriers fronting the sidewalk (parking around back please), and do something with it to enhance the neighborhood and make that corner a pedestrian-friendy zone!

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