April 23, 2004

Nexum to Appeal Cluster Development Denial

Nexum is appealing the Framingham Planning Board's denial of its Ford's Meadow cluster development plan for Nixon Road, according to the MetroWest Daily News.

The development was for 24 units of housing on 32 acres of land, with 20 acres set aside as open space and several walking trails planned. Planning Board opponents said the "maximum bedroom count" of 72 allowed by the plan was too high.

Too much? That's rather odd, considering no one seemed to complain when former state Rep. Barbara Gray applied to subdivide her 3.5-acre lot into 3 parcels, which would likely each sport a 4-bedroom home. Let's do the calculations here. 12 bedrooms on 3.5 acres -- 3.4 bedrooms per acre -- that's fine, as long as it's all conventional housing. 72 bedrooms on 32 acres -- a much lower density of 2.25 bedrooms per acre -- is too much.

The problem isn't density. The problem is that someone is trying to plan something slightly innovative and different from conventional suburban sprawl.

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