April 12, 2004

Inglewood (Calif.) Rejects Wal-Mart

What's particularly interesting about this is that Inglewood is a lower income, minority community -- not upper-income suburbanites hoping to keep an upscale ambience intact.

"This was more than the familiar battle between superstores and Main Street shopkeepers fearful of competition," says the Sunday New York Times in an editorial today. "With superstores now ubiquitous, the corporations that build them have been grabbing for increasingly inappropriate parcels of land to continue their expansion."

The promise of jobs "did not allay concerns over increased traffic, the environment and Wal-Mart's low-wage, nonunion jobs," the Times notes.

Update: Hillsboro, Ore., just denied permission for a Wal-Mart as well, according to The Oregonian.

"This is not a victory for us over Wal-Mart. It's a victory (for) good planning," Hillsboro Mayor Tom Hughes said, The Oregonian reports. "This will be an important tool for us to move forward and make decisions on planning the city."

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